Case Study

The Panel Company

Specialising in PVC wall panels and cladding, The Panel Company offers the very latest designs, imitating the look of more expensive, natural tiles or sleek looks such as sparkle and metallic finishes. The aim is to provide amateur DIY enthusiasts with an easy-to-install, convenient and cost-effective way to transform their homes, achieving a high-quality look which will stand the test of time.


  • Competition from more established DIY retailers
  • No physical shops or showrooms meaning we had to work harder to build trust between consumers and the brand 
  • Increased demand for products due to a rise in the number of home renovations being carried out in the UK during lockdown 


  • Use budget more efficiently to achieve a higher conversion rate with a lower CPA
  • Increase new customer volumes 
  • Improve shopping and text ad visibility against several competitors 
  • Grow both sales ROI compared to the previous year 

The strategy

We took over The Panel Company’s Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising and paid social accounts in February 2019.  

Google Shopping

To improve The Panel Company’s Google Shopping campaigns and their structure, we optimised the brand’s shopping feed by adding missing key product attributes, including the product material colour and style. In addition, we worked on improving product titles with the aim to increase product visibility on Google Shopping. This included adding key search terms to product titles to match trends identified in user search queries. Using an ecommerce sales report in Google Analytics, we then identified The Panel Company’s best-selling products and applied custom labels. 

Paid Social

In order to develop reach and awareness through social media, we set up a Facebook Ads and a Pinterest Ads account. Using Facebook’s audience tools and the Facebook pixel on The Panel Company’s website, we built custom audiences based on all website visitors. We then built a comprehensive strategy that incorporated the full funnel customer journey.

The Panel Company marketing case study

Text Ads

Insights from the Google Keyword Planner, search term reports and third-party keyword tools informed our strategy, helping us to identify where there were opportunities, as well as rising search trends within the industry. 

Taking key findings from our research and data, we launched our ‘single keyword per strategy’ which involved building out granular ads, campaigns and keywords to cover specific product type searches. 

To maximise ROI and CTR engagement, we carried out A/B testing to test different variations in ad copy and messaging. 

Performance-based rules on keywords were also implemented, which aligned with The Panel Company’s business ROAS objectives.

Microsoft Advertising

We developed the Microsoft Advertising account, ensuring bid adjustments were optimised efficiently to conserve budget and reduce unnecessary spend.

SEO & Content

After such a successful year for PPC, The Panel Company entrusted us with the SEO activities in July 2020. Their website was generating a small amount of traffic, so the goal was simple – improve the site’s organic performance to drive more online sales.

The Panel Company SEO case study


  • Up against more established brand names who are the “go-to” for DIY projects
  • Underwent a rebrand and website migration in 2020
  • Starting with a website that did not generate a large amount of traffic – had to build from the ground up


  • Increase organic traffic to generate brand awareness and sales
  • Expand the business by launching in overseas territories 
  • Become the go-to brand for PVC panelling through online positioning 

The Strategy

We began by developing a content strategy for The Panel Company, based on their product offering, keyword research and keyword gap analysis, initially posting one blog per month.

We regularly checked with the Panel Company team, mutually decided that it was time to increase the content output on-site after seeing good results. We doubled the volume of content produced in January 2023, providing unique blog content and optimising key landing pages to better communicate the brand’s USPs and target both product-focused and long-tail keywords. Since January, we’ve doubled the number of organic keywords the website ranks for, and increased the number of keywords in the top 10 positions of the SERPs by almost 50%

As the business continues to experience significant growth, they are now looking to expand overseas, beginning with Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Our SEO team is working closely with the Panel Company Team to ensure that the website is set up correctly with working geolocation tags to manage the different delivery services available and varying currencies between both countries. 

The launch of the new website marks an exciting milestone for the business. Once live, our team will work on both the Irish and UK websites, providing consultancy, ongoing tactical SEO and content strategy to target the new Irish markets and put The Panel Company in the best position to fuel further international growth.

The results

  • 324% increase in impressions 
  • 144% increase in traffic
  • 351% increase in conversions 
  • 42% decrease in in Cost Per Conversion 
  • 117% increase in Return On Ad Spend
  • 1038% increase in organic traffic

*After first year of taking over the account