Case Study

Morrison Shenfine


Morrison Shenfine is a group of four local dental practices located across the North East; Newgate Dental, Darras Dental, Wessington Dental and North Lakeland Dental. Venture Stream was contracted to increase lead numbers across all four practices, delivering high-quality leads that convert to new patient sign ups and high-value purchase patients (e.g. braces / orthodontics, implants, facial aesthetics and teeth whitening).

A screenshot of a Facebook Ad for a dentist

The Challenge

With competition increasing in the local area, Morrison Shenfine found that they were falling behind rival dentists when it came to getting high-value service patients in the chair and the number of new patients registering across the practices.

A screenshot of a Facebook Ad for a dentist

The Service

Venture Stream provided a paid search and content marketing campaign plan to run 12-months (from August 2017).

This included implementing hyper-local Facebook advertising and Google AdWords campaigns. Using patient data from the practices to inform the targeted marketing location, each campaign was centred within a data-informed radius of each dental practice (approximately focussed between 5-10km of the practice).

With all practices based across the North East region, this avoided marketing campaigns competing against each other and also kept the bidding amount competitive across a defined range of targeted keywords.

These paid campaigns were supported by a 12-month online content marketing strategy designed to drive leads across all practice locations. Venture Stream created a brochure for each high-value service offered by all practices.

This included teeth whitening, orthodontics (braces), facial aesthetics (botox and fillers) and dental implant services. Each brochure was formatted into PDF branded for the practice and available to download on the appropriate service page on each dentist’s website.

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The Results

After quickly finding a formula for success, Morrison Shenfine instructed Venture Stream to explore mechanisms that could help them to cope with so many new lead and patient numbers. This involved Venture Stream setting up a Facebook ChatBot to help patient co-ordinators handle new enquiries. Ultimately, Morrison Shenfine within just 10-months found themselves in a position to sell the business to Bupa. The sale completed in August 2018.

Month 1 Overall Results (across all practices)

  • 2,804 Website Visits
  • 87 Goal Completions (Leads)
  • 3% Conversion Rate
  • £869.30 Paid Spend
  • 17 Paid Goal Completions
  • £51.13 Cost Per Lead
  • 0 Service Brochure Downloads

Month 12 Overall Results (across all practices)

  • 4,092 Website Visits
  • 386 Goal Completions (Leads)
  • 9% Conversion Rate
  • £2,183.37 Paid Spend
  • 175 Paid Goal Completions
  • £12.48 Cost Per Lead
  • 65 Service Brochure Downloads
  • 74% of those that download content opt-in to receive marketing