Case Study

Avec Sport

The Challenge

Avec Sport is a premium football kits and training wear supplier to professional clubs. Since launching in 1993 as the Official Kit Supplier to Sunderland AFC, Avec Sport has continued to supply a large portfolio or professional clubs within the Premier League and Football League.

However, they needed to build their brand awareness and become recognised nationally across the whole of the UK in order to appeal to a wider target audience.

With the already saturated sport clothing industry, competition was increasing online due to clubs being allowed to buy direct from brands. Therefore, Avec Sport wanted to break through this competition and situate themselves as a modern, contemporary and unique brand to their consumers in this market.

The Service

To ensure the challenge of breaking through the saturated market was achieved, the objectives set were to drive quality traffic to the site, increase conversion and sales on football kits, improve the site’s SEO and increase overall brand awareness.

Therefore, Venture Stream were contracted for the following services:

  • SEO Strategy
  • PR Management

SEO Strategy

Our strategic SEO approach began with a refresh overhaul of all SEO content across every category and product on the site. Backed up by in-depth keyword research and competitor analysis in the sports clothing industry, our team was armed with a specific list of  keywords to target terms such as; Football Kit, Training wear and Leisurewear.

To implement the keywords surrounding these terms, an array of blog content and landing pages were created and developed to drive organic traffic to the site and fill keyword content gaps identified in the initial analysis. As well as this, various technical fixes were conducted to adhere to best SEO practice and bolster search engine rankings.

Additional support with user experience was essential to improving Avec Sport’s customer journey and to ensure they were targeting their audience. Their top markets junior/kids did not have their own section on the site, so it was crucial we implemented and designed a section and filtering system to target and utilise this key market.

PR Management

To increase brand awareness a unique news piece was created and circulated to national publications to raise unique attraction to the brand.

Informed by audience insights, research was carried out into the top goal scorers in the premier league to find out their ‘value’ in terms of how much they were bought for.  From this, their cost per goal and per minute played was worked out to form the piece titled “Manchester United and Man City’s most value for money Premier League goalscorers revealed”

This thought provoking piece of content was then circulated to the bespoke media list created, based on relevant publications where competitors were cited. Doing so, promoted Avec Sport’s brand and raised authority in their industry, cutting through competitors.

Check out the article here in the Manchester Evening News.

Avec responsive website

The Results

Organic Traffic:

  • Users +29.82%
  • Sessions +47.21%
  • Page views +33.48%
  • Avg. sessions duration +9.63%
  • Bounce rate +6.71%


  • Positions 1-3: +15%
  • Positions 4-10: +18%
  • Positions 11-100: +0.7%

Goal completions:

  • Purchases +126.27%
  • Goal conversion rate +52.48%
  • Total abandonment rate -8.4%

Featured in Manchester Evening News & The Express.