Case Study


The Challenge

With competition increasing online, Aquacadabra were looking for new ways to improve their ecommerce business by increasing online sales and growing their customer base. With limited budget and extremely tight profit margins, we were tasked with creating and managing a paid search campaign which could get a minimum return on advertising spend (ROAS) of 500% on a monthly basis, whilst also ensuring a profit was made on each item that was sold.

The Service

We worked closely with the client through every stage of planning to make sure we had a good understanding of the business and the product offering. Using a feed optimising tool, we came up with the unique strategy of segmenting all products by profit margin (as provided by the client) to then create a campaign based on each profit margin, e.g all products that had a profit margin between £10 – £20 were collated together. By doing this, we were able to set bid levels accordingly and implement a CPA target per campaign that the client was comfortable with.

The Results

The campaign has not only exceeded the minimum ROAS target of 500%, but we’ve also demonstrated that we’ve made a profit on every item that has been sold.

In addition, because our advertising was focussed on capturing generic searches, not brand traffic, Aquacadabra also saw their customer base grow with increases in both organic and direct revenue due to returning customers and repeat business.

Results achieved in the first nine months:

  • Paid search ecommerce conversion rate +422%
  • Average order value through paid traffic  +5.42%
  • ROAS +1,423%

Recognised by this years UK Search Awards 2019, this campaign was shortlisted for the Best Low Budget Campaign!