It is with great personal pleasure and pride that I can announce Venture Stream have chosen to support and fundraise for the very much deserving charity of Tiny Lives.

Tiny Lives is a registered charity that supports the amazing work done every day by the doctors and nurses at the Neonatal Ward of the RVI in Newcastle. The ward itself devotes its time and resource to the care of prematurely born and poorly newborn babies.

The charity itself runs solely on the money raised by companies, such as ourselves, and fundraising from the general public who have given their time to help the great work done by Tiny Lives, with huge targets needed to be reached in order to accomplish their goals in supporting, not only the neonatal ward on equipment and training but also support the families that are consumed by the stress of having their child housed in the ward, the charity itself need all the help that can be given.

The work that Tiny Lives, the doctors and nurses of the Neonatal ward accomplish every day of the year should never be overlooked, dealing with the poorly children of parents should be viewed as the most precious and important thing any of us could do and they do it countless times and still have the strength to move onto the family that needs help.

Venture Stream now join the list of some fantastic local companies such as Sintons Law Firm & Stagecoach to mention only 2 that are working with Tiny Lives to support in their efforts to make the difference in so many families lives that need the help of the Neonatal Ward every second of every day.

“I, for one, have long admired the work that everyone involved with the charity do and still amazes me to this day that they continue to drive forward with the same amount of enthusiasm as they did when the charity first established itself back in 1983 and later registered in in 2013. I couldn’t be happier that Venture Stream are helping Tiny Lives. This is a charity my wife and I hold close to our hearts and have experienced first-hand how hard the Doctors and Nurses work every hour of the day and night. I’m very proud and thankful to the team here in supporting me and Tiny Lives”

James Chapman, Business Development Director

We all look forward to the challenge ahead of us in supporting and fundraising for Tiny Lives.