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We're launching a 4 day work week

We’re Launching a 4 Day Work Week!

September 2, 2021

Employee wellbeing is very important to us here at Venture Stream.

The past couple of years have thrown all sorts of new challenges our way, with the whole team switching to remote working due to the pandemic, which will remain an option going forward.

Whilst there have certainly been difficulties, we’ve also had time to reflect on what’s really important and adapt to a new, more flexible way of working. We’ve listened to our team’s feedback and decided to launch a four day work week in order to facilitate a better work-life balance. 

Beginning on Monday 6th September, we’ll be trialling the new four day working week for a three month period to see how both our staff and clients respond, but we have every intention of making the change permanent. There will be no loss of pay or benefits for the VS team, nor will they have to work longer days to facilitate the new structure. 

“We take mental health very seriously at Venture Stream and have listened to our team. A four day week offers a better work-life balance and gives our team an extra 48 days per year to build both as people and professionals”, comments Vic Morgan, Chief Executive Officer at Venture Stream. 

“After the success of flexible and remote working during the lockdown, a shorter work week seems like a natural next step in a people-first approach to delivering outstanding service.”

Venture Stream is not the first company to introduce a four day work week in the UK and certainly not in the world. Iceland made headlines recently for introducing a four day work week nation-wide, which has so far been an “overwhelming success”. It’s clear that there’s a desire among workers globally for more flexibility, and we’re proud to be offering this to our staff at Venture Stream. 

What does this mean for our clients?

Not much will change in terms of how we interact with clients. Someone from every team will always be available, five days a week, so our clients can rest assured that their messages will always be answered and several team members will be contactable on any given weekday. There will be no decrease in workload and all deadlines will continue to be met as they always have been – we will ensure that all clients continue to receive the same level of support. All of our clients have been informed well in advance and we are always on hand to answer questions at any time – so far feedback has been positive. 

With Covid-19 restrictions lifted now, the Venture Stream office is back open but we’re still giving our team the option to work from home if they prefer. No one will be forced to return to the office, we will instead operate an open door policy to ensure everyone can work in a way that works for them. We also rolled out flexible hours last year meaning everyone can work the hours that best suit their lifestyle and this will continue to be the case once the four day work week comes into play.

Like the sound of working for Venture Stream? Keep an eye on our Careers page for job openings, or send us a speculative application here.

Written by Andy

Andy is Venture Stream’s Chief Operating Officer and has over 15 years’ experience in ecommerce consultancy, design and retail marketing.

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