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Venture Stream’s Black Friday Success

December 18, 2019

This year, Black Friday was one of the busiest weeks for us at Venture Stream HQ. For our ecommerce clients, it was an important time to capitalise on the fast growing trend of ‘Black Friday’, provide some fantastic deals for customers and increase brand awareness. At our end, we are proud to say that we made this happen.

From a wide range of fresh, creative digital content to ensuring sites were running smoothly and optimised for the customer’s journey, you name it, we did it. It wasn’t an easy task with tight deadlines, but with all hands on deck, the results we have created for our clients has made it all worth it and we can’t wait to share them with you.

Keep reading to find out the Black Friday journey of three of our clients; Barbour, Planet Organic &, what we did to help bolster their sales and the fantastic results we’ve achieved for them on the back of this.


Starting with this iconic British fashion brand, we have been Barbour’s paid search agency since 2015 and for this Black Friday event we were tasked with showcasing their seriously good deals through an effective paid strategy. Situated in the fashion industry as a high-end high street brand, this Black Friday it was important to capture the right audience at the right time. To do this, we ran a series of paid ad campaigns across its three brand sites; Barbour, Barbour Beacon and Barbour International. The ads were placed across Google, Bing, Facebook & Instagram.

For social, we targeted a series of specific lookalike audiences and ran remarketing campaigns to capture customers that had engaged with the site, including users who had visited product pages or added a product to their basket but not purchased. Using a range of collection ads for social, we were able to introduce Barbour Black Friday to a wider audience and showcase the most popular products on offer within a full-screen experience for the consumer to browse products more efficiently and really enhance the user journey.

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The results across Barbour’s three sites, from this year’s Black Friday paid ad campaigns are as follows:

Paid Social Media Campaign: the average “click attributed” ROAS +2,972%

Barbour International the average “click attributed” ROAS +3,451%

Barbour Beacon the average “click attributed” ROAS +596%

Google Ads Campaign: total spend ROAS +1,339%.

Barbour International total spend ROAS +981%.

Bing Ads Campaign: total spend ROAS +1,306%

Barbour International total spend ROAS + 1,764%

Barbour Beacon total spend (shopping) ROAS + 1,807%., a multi-channel marketing strategy was implemented to maximise sales during its Black Friday event. A content strategy to increase organic traffic was put in place, to work in conjunction with ongoing technical SEO work and creative Black Friday remarketing campaigns and social ads were created.

Paid Search Highlights

Paid ads across Facebook and Instagram were used as part of this campaign to promote’s fantastic deals through sale, last chance and sale extended graphics. ‘Sale Extended’ promotions are becoming increasingly popular with brands and is a good way to capture an audience further and stand out against competitors.

Content Highlights

To increase site traffic and, in turn, further sales, we drafted and published a blog post outlining the deals ahead of the event’s launch to help drive traffic and encourage anticipation for the sale to drop.

PR Highlights

Our outreach efforts as part of’s ongoing PR strategy also allowed us to secure a fantastic link in the Daily Mail’s Black Friday Gift Guide. With a domain authority of 94/100 and online circulation of over 22 million, this fantastic mention resulted in additional users, an ecommerce conversion rate of 9.09% and £61.85 in revenue. Not only this, but achieving a link to in a large national publication helped to broaden awareness of the brand and anchor its reputation.

Email Highlights

An email campaign was set up directly to their customers, giving them an insight into the special deals to not only raise awareness and sales but to create and sustain a relationship between the brand and their consumers.

Social Highlights

Instagram stories were used alongside the paid social campaign to utilise the most engaged feature on the platform to’s strength.

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The fantastic results from this year’s biggest ever Black Friday Event, compared to last year’s, are as follows:

Facebook Ad Campaign:

ROAS +644%

Overall Results:

Revenue +78%

Conversion rate +35%

AOV +12%

Transactions + 59%

Affiliate Revenue +39.53%

Planet Organic

Having worked with Planet Organic since Venture Stream was founded in 2014, our goal this Black Friday was to beat last year’s Black Friday results.

To do this we worked together with the brand and implemented a number of marketing campaigns. Firstly, an email marketing campaign was created which included an interactive visual GIF element.

An email was then sent out each day from Monday the 25th of November, running through to Black Friday, offering unique deals for each category on Planet Organic’s site, all consisting of visual styling in line with their branding.

To continue a consistent line of branding and awareness of the promotions, product page banners, homepage and basket banners were designed, created and implemented across the site.

Furthermore, to ensure we were maximising the Black Friday event and performing better than last year’s successful Black Friday period, for the first time we ran paid ads on Facebook for Planet Organic as well as Google and Bing ads. Integrated across all channels, visual graphics about the promotion were created and a strategic remarketing campaign was implemented to target users.

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The results of this successful multi-channel Black Friday event are as follows:

Facebook Ad Campaign:

ROAS +8461%

Google Ads Campaign:

ROAS +720%

Bings Ads Campaign:

ROAS +626%

Overall results:

Transactions +10.17%

Revenue +3.23%

To conclude, this year’s Black Friday has been extremely successful for Venture Stream and its clients. As the American-originated event increases in popularity each year, this year it was more important than ever to implement new and effective ways to ensure our clients maximised sales potential and increased brand awareness to new customers.

The results for the three clients analysed reflect the team at Venture Stream’s efforts and we already can’t wait for next year’s Black Friday for the madness and hard work to begin again!

Are you interested in a new, bespoke marketing strategy to help increase your sales online? Get in touch with us today using the contact form below for advice.

Written by Andy

Andy is Venture Stream’s Chief Operating Officer and has over 15 years’ experience in ecommerce consultancy, design and retail marketing.

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