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Venture Stream Moves Offices

March 13, 2015

After just over 18 months into the Venture Stream dream we have ventured out into the world and got a place of our very own. We’ve filled it with cups, plates, coffee, tea and biscuits! We would like to show you round … After a full Saturday of hard graft from all of the Venture Stream team (plus additional helpers!) There was a freshly painted office with 7 hand built tables, 2 humongous shelving units, 1 cabinet (several more to come), 18 chairs, little tables, installed TV’s, computers, XBOX ONE, projector and many more technological goodness and geekery!






Panoramic view of the new office with a very happy Business Development Director admiring his handy work!

Come and visit us and take a seat in our waiting area, there’s Dime bars for your to devour while you wait. (Edit: There’s none left…) Come Monday morning with sore backs but a massive sense of achievement we sat down to a cup of coffee and a delicious lemon drizzle cake made by Mrs Digital Director as a moving in gift. Needless to say it didn’t last long! Come and visit us, 1st Floor, 7 – 11 Pink Lane. We look forward to seeing you soon – we’ll have the kettle on.

With special thanks to Komodo Digital for sharing their offices with us, for listening to our singing and not being too upset when we beat them at FIFA.