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Venture Stream Completes The Google Specialist Challenge

November 21, 2016

Venture Stream is a Google Partner, which means that because we’ve proved our worth when it comes to Google AdWords and Google Analytics, we get the occasional perk, reward, challenge or sneak-preview of new tools and functionality.

We were alerted to one such challenge back in August 2016;  the Google Partners AdWords Specialist Challenge, which invited us to pit our wits against the six Google AdWords exams and successfully pass them by September 23, 2016. On successful completion of the challenge, we’d receive a special-edition Specialist certificate which we were told would be ‘reserved for the best of the best’! Needless to say that our resident PPC experts, Marty Hayes and Sean Anderson, were keen to not only challenge themselves but also have a bit of healthy competition between each other; seeing who could pass the exams with the highest scores and in the quickest time.

Fast-forward a couple of months and here we are today, having taken receipt of our Specialist Challenge certificates for passing the below exams:

  • AdWords Fundamentals
  • Search Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Video Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Shopping Advertising

Although we’re not usually ones to blow our own trumpets, this latest accolade is a testament to our ethos that you should always be looking for opportunities to learn and grow both personally and professionally, and we’re now just waiting for our frames to arrive so we can hang them on the office wall.

We’re looking forward to seeing if the Specialist Challenge returns next year so that newer members of the team can be in a position to take part and join in the challenge.

If you’d like to talk to our AdWords Specialists about your PPC campaigns and how to get the most out of them then contact us today, or download our free ebook to learn some of our best practice tips.

Written by Andy

Andy is Venture Stream’s Chief Operating Officer and has over 15 years’ experience in ecommerce consultancy, design and retail marketing.

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