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The reality of AI generated content

July 9, 2024

The reality of AI-generated content: benefits, dos & don’ts & Google algorithm updates explained

Marketing, SEO

It can’t be denied that artificial intelligence is on the rise, revolutionising the way many industries operate. One o...

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Shopify SEO

June 20, 2024

Shopify SEO: how to optimise your online store for organic search

SEO, Shopify, Uncategorized

We’ll start by stating the obvious: SEO is important for pretty much any type of business.  But for ecommerce busines...

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Klaviyo vs MailChimp

June 6, 2024

Klaviyo vs MailChimp: which is better for ecommerce brands?

Email Marketing, Uncategorized

Email marketing is still a cornerstone of digital marketing strategy for ecommerce brands, allowing them to engage with ...

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How to pull off a successful rebrand

May 8, 2024

How to pull off a successful rebrand

Creative, Marketing

We probably don’t need to tell you branding and identity are important to the success of your brand. But failing to in...

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How LinkedIn articles can help you rank higher in the SERPs

May 2, 2024

Can LinkedIn help you rank higher in the SERPs?

Marketing, SEO

If you run a business, you’re probably very familiar with LinkedIn. And it’s no longer just a platform for networkin...

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How to prepare your website for summer

April 18, 2024

Summer ready: how to prep your website for the new season

Ecommerce, Marketing, Strategy & Consultancy

Summer is coming (despite what the UK weather might have us believe), and it’s more than just your wardrobe in need of...

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How to build a brand identity

April 5, 2024

How to build a brand identity


Building a brand identity that resonates with real people is essential for the success of any business.  From your colo...

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Marketing during a recession

March 7, 2024

Marketing during economic uncertainty: let’s talk about it

Marketing, Strategy & Consultancy

It’s no secret that the past few years have been tough for the UK economy. And while the chancellor’s spring budget ...

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Email marketing design: the brands getting it right

February 22, 2024

Email design examples: the brands getting it right

Creative, Email Marketing

Email marketing remains a powerful tool for businesses to connect with their audience.  However, in a sea of overflowin...

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reactive pr vs proactive pr

February 7, 2024

Reactive vs proactive PR: which is more effective?

Digital PR, Marketing

Two distinct PR strategies reign supreme: reactive and proactive PR.  While both approaches aim to manage a brand’...

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Migrating from Mailchimp to Klaviyo

January 24, 2024

Migrating from MailChimp to Klaviyo: everything you need to know

Email Marketing, Marketing

To stay ahead of the curve in email marketing, you need to choose the right tools for the job. If you’ve been cons...

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SEO trend predictions for 2024

December 19, 2023

SEO predictions for 2024


2023 was a very exciting time for SEO, with the explosion of AI generated content and all of the drama with ChatGPT and ...

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