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One Year On 1

One year on…

October 13, 2015

Happy (work) birthday to me!

One year ago today I was lucky enough to walk into our shared office at the time, take my seat for the first time and start my new role as Business Development Manager of Venture Stream.

A lot has happened within the past year and I thought I’d be writing this blog mentioning the ups and downs but, I can safely say there have been no downs. It has been such an interesting and challenging year but also the most enjoyable one I have ever had work wise.

Over the past 12 months, we’ve doubled the size of the business in terms of staff and  have a great team ready to finish 2015 on a strong footing and take 2016 on with clear goals in mind. We’ve also doubled the client base and not only work with some of the best known local brands but also some of the most recognisable global brands.

Watching the business grow this past year has been hugely exciting and celebrating certain milestones have created some of the best memories for me. Becoming a member of the Director team earlier in the year has given me a different perspective on how businesses like ours should be ran. We moved into our first official ‘Grown Up’ office and received our first award nomination for our PPC work with Barbour in The Drum DADI awards, a huge cherry on top of the biggest cake.

I could mention so much more, ranging from staffing hires to MBO’s, but I think this will then look like more of a CV than a blog post so I will hold those back for another time.

A lot of people have helped make these past 12 months the absolute best and I am grateful to work with a company and group of people who appreciate each other’s skills and hard work while still remaining focussed on the growth of this amazing company.

So that’s one year down and many more to come, I only hope they match the expectations I have in my head.

So, where’s my cake?


Written by James

James is Venture Stream’s Chief Commercial Officer, with 15 years’ account management and business development experience in digital.

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