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Why You Should Hire an External Agency

October 10, 2016

As a business owner, you have a myriad of tasks and responsibilities, but one of the most important things you need, plain and simple, are customers. Whether you run an e-commerce business or a B2B focused business, without customers in one form or another you have a problem.

Getting those customers is the hard task and one of the biggest challenges you will face. One way, of course, is to hire a big sales team, allow them to cold call their way to success and pray they don’t alienate your business with their approach. I’m not saying this is the best or worst way to go – and the fact that I’m a salesperson myself I’m always careful not to bad-mouth the job that these men and women do – but with or without that sales team there is a place for an agency to act as a supportive partner.

As a director of a digital marketing agency – yes you could say I’m a little biased seeing as how we want to be the chosen agency to help your business –  I firmly believe that the role a good agency can take is one of great benefit. I’m not going to give 10 reasons why you should hire an agency, all I am going to advocate is taking the first step to listening to experts in their field before you go forward with your decision.

A good agency will not just do the minimum of what they’ve been employed to do but will take your business and make it their own. Corny? Maybe, but for all of our clients here at Venture Stream, we’ve always identified and helped mould a marketing strategy to sap as much out of everything we can do as possible.

Being employed to manage the paid campaigns for a business, for example, is not where we stop. We know the ultimate goal for the business is to make money or obtain leads, so we work back from that goal and think differently on the best way to achieve those goals. Will changing the site in some form help? Analytics shows us that people are coming to the site via blog posts more, so can we tweak budgets to syndicate more content? Or have we got to the point of diminishing return? Therefore let’s get some AB Testing going. The people that show you a report at the end of the month on one thing they’ve been paid to do have done their job, but if they had your business in the forefront of their minds, could they have given more strategic direction?

One of the great things you receive when hiring an external agency is the knowledge of real marketeers who are at the cutting edge of what they are doing. Employing an internal member of staff, which is not a bad thing at all, will give you one opinion – theirs! Having an agency work on your campaign you will have a number of different people with different expertise giving the best advice to make that campaign work.

I haven’t come across many agencies who go that extra mile for businesses in my time, but they are out there and I consider Venture Stream to be one of them.

Consider a few of these things when choosing your agency partner and get in touch with the team here if you need help.


Written by James

James is Venture Stream’s Chief Commercial Officer, with 15 years’ account management and business development experience in digital.

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