If you’re as eagle-eyed as our Creative Director, you may have spotted that Google seem to be testing an alternative ad label colour on Desktop.

We first noticed it this morning (14th April), at around 9am.

Back in late 2013, Google rolled out the yellow / orange ad label that we’ve all come to know and love, clearly distinguishing the block of ads from the organic listings in results pages.

Google AdWords Orange Ad Label

As of this morning, half of the office seem to be getting a new Green ad label – see below:

Google AdWords Green Ad Label

It’s another example of Google continuing to test and refine the AdWords experience and presentation, and comes hot on the heels of the move to remove right side bar ads on Desktop, leaving four ads above the organic results and a further three at the bottom of the page. Perhaps, it’s because of this recent change that they’re now testing label colour; has the removal of sidebar ads hurt their ad revenues?

Thinking back to the Kissmetrics Blog on How Colours Affect Purchases, maybe Google are attempting to move away from the more attention-seeking, aggressive yellows and oranges, into a more ‘easy to process’ and relaxing green:

Colour Psychology

We’ll stay tuned for further tests and wait with baited breath to see if House Green usurps House Yellow in the Game of Ad Label Colours.

In the meantime, let us know which version you see, and which you prefer, using the hashtag #HouseGreen or #HouseYellow