Looking for ways to live a greener lifestyle? Northumberland Council can help. 

Sustainability is an important issue, both here at Venture Stream and all around the world. But they say change begins at home, which is why we’re partnering with Northumberland Council to spread the word about their latest sustainable travel campaign – The Big Northumberland Gear Change.

What’s it all about?

The purpose of the Big Northumberland Gear Change campaign is to inspire more walking and cycling across the county. It’s designed to encourage the public to slow down, take stock and adopt more sustainable ways of moving around the Northumberland area by walking, cycling and using public transport more often. Not only will this help the North East county reach its net 0 target by 2030, but its residents to keep fit and active too. 

Currently only 30% of all journeys in Northumberland are made on foot or by bike, yet a third of all trips made in the area are less than 5km. There is huge potential for the public to ditch cars some if not all of the time – but how do we get started? 

The six week challenge

The Big Northumberland Gear Change Challenge aims to make you think about the journeys you take. Simply sign up here and you’ll receive a weekly email for six weeks designed to encourage you to make small, incremental steps which we hope lead to life changing habits. Each email contains ideas and inspiration to help and motivate you to cycle and walk more as well as a specific weekly challenge for you to complete.

 The Big Northumberland Gear Change website contains several printable challenges if you’re feeling particularly determined, such as The Big Co2 Swap and The Sustainable 7. These allow you to record and keep track of your progress, motivating you to keep going!

How to take part

Taking part in any of the challenges is easy – simply sign up by entering your details or download the printable forms depending on which challenge you’re having a go at. 

However, if you’re looking for tips on how to change your lifestyle for the long haul, there are lots of useful resources to help you kick the car habit for good. From printable ‘Habit Maker’ and ‘Habit Builder’ sheets to links to local walking and cycling groups you can join, you’ll find everything you need to make the switch to greener travel a walk in the park. 

Fancy joining the challenge? Head over the Northumberland Gear Change website