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Conversion Rate Optimisation: Making The Most of Your Website (Service Network Event)

October 7, 2015

Today saw the day that we presented on one of our favourite topics; Conversion Rate Optimisation, as part of Service Network’s series of Events, aimed at creating an environment for both members and non-members to meet and develop relationships, exchange best practice, learn, move their business forward and collaborate.

There was the usual great mix of attendees, including representatives from national law firms, accountancy firms, PR agencies, utilities companies, brands and online retailers, all tucked away on the 6th floor of the lovely Time Central building smack in the middle of Newcastle city centre.

Having been suitably fed and watered with tea, coffee and bacon sandwiches, we kicked off the 3-hour session which took everyone through key themes and trends of CRO, and we left plenty of time for some constructive criticism and feedback of the websites of attendees.

Take a look at the slides below (all 80 of them!) and get in touch if you’ve any questions, or if you’d like to know how we can help optimise your website for conversions.

Written by Andy

Andy is Venture Stream’s Chief Operating Officer and has over 15 years’ experience in ecommerce consultancy, design and retail marketing.

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