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Christmas Cliché Bingo ‘tis the season…

November 17, 2015

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for Christmas marketing clichés and, in all fairness, I’m a great lover of puns and huge, great-big, ginormous clichés. It’s an institution. So I’ve got used to, as have we all, to seeing them year and year again.

This year, we’ve decided to have a little fun with them and created, wait for it… “Christmas Cliché Bingo” for the workplace. All you have to do to join in is download our collection of great puns (here!) and stick them up on your office wall. You need to create it in 3×3 and there’s enough for 3 office teams. The aim of the game is to match a full line across or in a diagonal.

Christmas-Cliche-Bingo Christmas-Cliche-Bingo-2

No cheating though! You need to find the marketing or advert it relates too and you may wish to elect an independent adjudicator (I’m not sure how rowdy your office is). It needs to be found organically, e.g. in your email from this year only or clipped out of a magazine. Plus, it’s your chance to win £1000 in vouchers.*

Embrace the season and it’s holly-jolly copywriting faux-pas. Tweet, share and even FaceTime us using your office bingo. Ho-ho-hope you love it! You’d be crackers not too.

*Your prize depends on your workplace. Prize is optional, so speak to your team representative. Venture Stream is not liable for any office fall outs or anyone getting drunk at the Christmas party and accusing you of cheating. Venture Stream will sadly not be providing the prize.

Written by Adele

Adele is Venture Stream’s Creative Director and co-founder of ecommerce website

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