In the words of Phoebe Buffay: happy Christmas Eve Eve!

With the big day just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to reflect upon the past few weeks, which saw the launch of many Christmas marketing campaigns. 

To celebrate the festive season, we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite Christmas campaigns for 2020. 

Just Eat – Doggy Dog Christmas

If you’ve watched TV at any point over the past few months you’ve more than likely seen an ad for Just Eat. Famous rapper Snoop Dogg first graced our screens for Just Eat back in May, but the online food delivery provider has given the advert a festive spin complete with a canine puppet version of the rap superstar. The ad takes us inside a mansion decorated with candy canes and snow, before Snoop Dogg breaks into a rap about eating gold leaf burgers on a solid gold sleigh – how else would anyone spend Christmas?

Venture Stream analysis: Just Eat’s TV adverts have often been on the humorous side and the Doggy Dog Christmas campaign is exactly what we need at the moment. Lighthearted, funny and also quite clever, Just Eat knows that the way to people’s hearts is through two things: good food and cute dogs. 

Mattel & The Entertainer – Virtual Christmas Grotto 

Global toy maker Mattel, famous for the iconic Barbie doll brand, partnered with UK high street toy retailer, The Entertainer, to bring a unique experience to children everywhere this Christmas. With COVID-19 making it difficult to partake in our favourite festive traditions, Mattel and The Entertainer decided to create a virtual Christmas grotto for children affected by the pandemic. Aiming to recreate the traditional Christmas grotto experience in a digital format, 50 places were allocated via a giveaway, which offered families the chance to speak to Santa and his elves through a video call. Teaming up with the Salvation Army, half of the 50 available spots were given to families most in need, including children with disabilities and their carers. 

In addition to the chance to connect with Santa, there were also toys from Mattel, such as Hot Wheels and Barbie to be won, plus a voucher to spend at The Entertainer. The competition ran from the 5th-21st November. 

Virtual Christmas Grotto
Credit: Mattel/The Entertainer

Venture Stream analysis: Competitions are nearly always a great way to generate interest and engagement, whether it be through social media or email marketing. The idea of a virtual Christmas grotto is very apt in the current climate and shows that both brands are thinking about their target audience’s needs and interests. Offering limited places is not only practical but also creates more hype with a feeling of exclusivity.

Disney – From Our Family to Yours

Disney recently launched a heart warming campaign to celebrate their 40-year-long partnership with the Make a Wish Foundation. The three minute long clip presents the animated tale of a grandmother, her granddaughter and the family traditions they’ve shared over the years. Of course, Mickey Mouse features as a beloved toy that was gifted to Grandma Lola by her father back in 1940. We are taken on a journey which explores family bonds, treasured memories and the joy of Christmas traditions, ending in a surprise for Grandma Lola as she receives a special gift on Christmas morning. With a Filipino family at the heart of the story, ‘From Our Family to Yours is a celebration of culture and representation. 

A limited edition, vintage Mickey Mouse as seen in the ad is available to purchase at Disney stores and online, and 25% of each sale goes to the Make a Wish Foundation – a charity that helps to fulfil the wishes of children with critical illnesses.

Venture Stream analysis: touching Christmas adverts are common this time of year and loved by viewers, but Disney have truly pulled on the heartstrings of the nation with this tale of two generations. This campaign is the perfect way to sell their limited edition holiday toy and to raise money for a fantastic cause that will get people talking on social media.

Coca Cola – the Letter 

Another advert that’s almost guaranteed to make you shed a tear, Coca Cola did something a little different from their traditional branded truck this year (although we’re pleased to say it does make an appearance). The two and a half minute video depicts the story of a father trying to deliver his daughter’s letter to Santa by hand while he works aways from home on a coastal wind farm. After facing various challenges along the way, he discovers that it was time with him that his daughter wanted all along. 

Venture Stream analysis: this TV advert seamlessly combines the classic Coca Cola elements we all know and love with a modern storyline and setting. The message at the end “This Christmas, give only something you can give” is particularly poignant this year, and acknowledges current issues without being too blatant and still offers a happy, festive tale. 

Hellman’s & Animal Crossing – Hellman’s Island 

Christmas might be a time for presents, prosecco and indulging in our favourite sweet treats, but the festive campaign from Hellman’s is here to remind us that it’s also a chance to give back to our community and those in need. 

Teaming up with Animal Crossing: New Horizon, Hellman’s created its very own island which players can explore. Whilst there they can convert their virtual food waste into real, healthy meals for people in need. For every spoiled turnip a player donates, Hellman’s will make a donation to fund two meals distributed by Fairshare, a charity in the UK fighting hunger and food waste. 

Venture Stream analysis: Animal Crossing: New Horizon was hugely popular this year, in part thanks to a national lockdown which led to many looking for amusement due to being forced to spend most of their time indoors. Collaborating with the game is a smart move, and a clever way to increase brand awareness among a younger audience, raise money for a good cause and have some fun doing it.

Just like the best Halloween campaigns 2020, the examples above demonstrate that Christmas is a great time to really get creative with your marketing activities. Plus, with some consumer research, emotional marketing and a sprinkling of festive fun, Christmas offers brands across all industries the chance to gain traffic and increase brand awareness. Want to add some sparkle to your marketing campaigns? Get in touch to find out how we can help.