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Avicii releases Instagram game to promote new album Stories

October 9, 2015

Picture this. Literally.

Avicii, a world famous DJ and music producer, has used the image based social app, Instagram, to help build the hype for his new album Stories as part of his greater marketing campaign.

In a day and age where grabbing (and maintaining) the attention of followers on social media is tougher than ever, this interactive game is something that has never been seen before and shows how thinking outside the box gets you ahead of the game.

In keeping with the idea of his album Stories, Avicii has created a game where the protagonist is Avicii himself combating the evil Dr. Hush.

The campaign began from Avicii’s own account a few days ago


From there you’re sent to a new account which is the beginning of the game.

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The game works by linking a series of connected accounts through image tagging which allows you to click through to the next level of the adventure.

We love the idea of using a visual based app to promote a product which is audio based.

The marketing environment is ever evolving and coming up new and creative ways to engage with an audience is what we are all about at Venture Stream.

Embark on your own journey below by clicking the image and then the black tag that appears!

1. Tap anywhere on the image 2. Press the pop-up tag to continue

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Written by Adele

Adele is Venture Stream’s Creative Director and co-founder of ecommerce website

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