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5 Reasons To Bid On Your Brand

October 27, 2015

To some people bidding on their brand when they are already number one for the organic result may sound like a strange strategy.

Don’t get me wrong it’s a common thought and a question I get asked on a regular basis. There are more than a fair share of reasons you should be bidding on your brand and here are some of them my top 5.

  1. Brand Awareness

Paid ads are an excellent way to increase your exposure and reassure people of your identity and at the same time dominate the search engine results pages. So, say you’re number one organically and also have a paid ad – for me this really shows the searcher you mean business and are a key player in your field.


At the end of the day if you have two listings rather than one, you have a greater chance of driving traffic to your site. That’s just maths.  In addition, adding sitelinks to your brand campaign can help steer searchers to exact landing pages to help to increase your conversion rate.


  1. Control Your Messaging

With paid search ads it’s a great deal easier to control your messaging in comparison to organic results which, in fairness, can be a little dull. Paid search ads give you the ability to quickly create and edit your messaging. This is perfect to promote your brand through special offers that will grab the attention of the users and drive high quality traffic to your website. On the other side, paid ads also give you the ability to craft your message to generate higher quality leads.

Let’s say you have a store that only sells items over £50, you can tell the searchers this and filter any unwanted traffic and just focus on higher quality traffic that is more likely to buy from you.

If you have a  non e-commerce site, you can use this are to show off what free services you offer.


  1. Brand Cost

A plus side to bidding on your brand is the cost. Typically, with bidding on your own brand the cost per clicks are relatively low due to the lack of competition. Looking at the bigger picture the searcher is already aware of your brand, they may be a returning customer or have heard about you elsewhere, therefore this promises quality traffic potentially on the brink of a conversion.

  1. Protect Your Brand

A big reason for bidding on your brand is for brand protection. Ever seen one of your competitors appearing for your brand? If they are a little naughty they are probably bidding and stealing a chunk of your traffic. Competitors may bid on your brand if you have a strong reputation or following to try and poach customers and drive traffic to their own site instead of yours. Therefore, bidding on your own brand will protect this and help steer the traffic back towards your site.

  1. Boost The Performance of Other Ads In Your Account

If you choose to bid on your brand the chances are this campaign will have the highest quality scores out of all your campaigns, probably a 9 or 10. With such a high score this will filter through your account and bring up the average quality score across other campaigns such as generic ad bids that may have a lower quality score.

Working with a big brand that gets lots of impressions? Since quality score is partly based on impressions & click through rate the bigger the brand the more use this can be the rest of your account.


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