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4 Tips for Apprentices Stepping into the World of Digital Marketing

February 15, 2018


Taking your first footsteps into the world of work can seem like a daunting prospect. Over the course of this blog, I intend to share my honest thoughts and feelings of my experience as a digital marketing apprentice so far!


-Choose Carefully

The digital marketing industry is constantly growing and evolving, and with potential employers all keen to stay ahead of the curve, you are sure to have an array of new and exciting roles to choose from. However, with the average digital marketing apprenticeship lasting 12-15 months, remember that apprenticeships require long-term commitment – and therefore choosing an enjoyable role in a team or agency that suits you is key.


-Be Positive

First impressions count, upon starting your apprenticeship it is vital to showcase a positive attitude to your new employer. One of the main advantages of learning on the job is that each day is different and with that, a variety of different challenges to face and obstacles to overcome are presented. Approaching each challenge, no matter how big or small, with a positive attitude not only ensures that those challenges become a lot less daunting, but also that they are that bit more enjoyable as well as incredibly rewarding when overcome.


-Don’t Sit in Silence

Another unique advantage of an apprenticeship is the people you find yourself surrounded by on a day to day basis. When challenges arise, don’t be afraid to ask for help and use the knowledge and experience of those around you. I have found colleagues, although busy, to be approachable and happy to set time aside to provide advice and share knowledge.


-Embrace the Opportunity

An apprenticeship provides you with a fantastic glimpse of what a career in digital marketing could potentially look like. The 12 to 15 months will fly by, so be sure to grab the opportunity with both hands and work hard to give yourself the best possible chance of turning that glimpse into a long and successful career!