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3 Reasons why we love our new website

April 1, 2015

The day is finally here! After months of planning, plotting, building, designing and writing our brand new website is live.

We have come leaps and bounds from where we were 18 months ago, and we needed a website to reflect our growth and ambition.

1. Our new site has been designed with the visitors at the heart, making navigation more streamlined and more efficient to finding the right services for your business. Covering everything you need to know about how we implement campaigns so you can get a real feel for what we are all about.

2. Full of colours, creativity and most importantly knowledge – we’ve gone beyond the normal and constructed a website that reflects our brand, work ethic and culture.

3. It’s all good us shouting about how awesome we are, but now we’ve got our clients to the hard work for us! Our new case studies are highlights of our fabulous clients and the great campaigns we’ve worked with them on.

We think we have done a fantastic job, well done Team Stream – but then, of course we would say that!

Take a look around and tell us what you think in the comments below.

Written by Adele

Adele is Venture Stream’s Creative Director and co-founder of ecommerce website

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