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Shopify Apps to help increase sales

10 of the best Shopify apps to help increase sales

August 24, 2023

Running a successful ecommerce business involves more than just setting up a stunning online store. 

Shopify merchants are at an advantage when maximising their sales potential thanks to the Shopify App Store. By leveraging the power of Shopify apps, you can cater to various aspects of your business via simple integrations. 

Whether it’s enhancing the customer experience, streamlining operations or optimising marketing efforts, the right apps can make life a little easier and free up your time. 

The best Shopify Apps

Here’s a curated list of the top 10 Shopify apps that can help skyrocket your ecommerce sales:

1. ReCharge Subscriptions

Whether you already run a subscription based model or plan on introducing subscriptions to your current ecommerce strategy, ReCharge is your best friend. Designed to maximise the value of your shoppers, this app is a subscription management solution that helps brands turn one-off purchases into repeat business. 

Customers can fully manage their subscriptions directly from your store and via SMS. Offering customisation abilities, ReCharge offers the freedom to create the subscription experience that works best for you and your customers. 

2. Klaviyo 

Personalised email marketing can be a game-changer when done right. Klaviyo is an intelligent marketing automation for retail, ecommerce and wellness brands. Over 110,000 paying customers currently use Klaviyo to centralise their data and automate truly personalised marketing across email, SMS, forms, mobile push notifications and reviews, all from one log-in. With customisable reports, Klaviyo can be a real time saver as you’ll have access to multiple template libraries (including Welcome, Back in Stock, Browse Abandon) for all of your campaigns and reports.

Klaviyo also has a great audience management structure thanks to user segmentation using historical and real-time behaviours for better targeting. Engaging customers at the right time with the right content can dramatically improve your sales.

3. Fomo

Fear of missing out (aka FOMO) is a psychological trigger that drives sales. The Fomo app displays real-time notifications of recent purchases, showcasing the popularity of your products. This creates a sense of urgency and social proof, motivating visitors to make a purchase before the item sells out. 

4. RetentionX

Successful brands have long understood the impact of LTV – this metric has an impact on everything else. RetentionX is currently the only analytics software designed for this purpose. Once integrated with your Shopify store, it collects all of your customer data, then analyses which factors have the biggest impact on LTV.

The insights you gain can then be integrated with all of your other tools via built-in automations. This can improve email flows (by integration with Klaviyo), influence customer quality and avoid churn to increase repeat purchases.

5. Matrixify

No one wants to manually import and export ecommerce store data one by one, especially if you have hundreds of items in your product catalogue. Matrixify helps you manage your store data importing, exporting, updating and migrating in bulk, handling file sizes up to 10 GB. Compatible with Google Sheets, CSV files, Excel and other data formats, you can export or import data for products, collections, customers, companies, discounts, orders, redirects and more. You can even schedule auto-repeat export and import jobs to save time in the future. 

6. Gorgias

Gorgias is a customer support platform designed for ecommerce. This app is similar to Zendesk, but specifically tailored to ecommerce businesses. 

Customers expect your brand to be accessible across many platforms, from live chat to social media channels. Gorgias help you to serve customers effectively and avoid switching from tab to tab, unifying conversations in one customer command centre. Happy customers means repeat business, so getting your customer service processes right can fuel business growth significantly. 

7. Nosto

Nosto is designed to help you increase online engagement and revenue, empowering retailers to build, launch and optimise personalised ecommerce experiences without the need for dedicated developer resources or lengthy implementation processes. By reviewing your customers’ actions and learning their likes and dislikes, Nosto can help you deliver automated recommendations in real-time on your store’s front end. 

8. Lucky Orange

Most ecommerce brands would love to be able to watch visitors navigate their website and see what’s preventing them from completing the checkout process. Enter Lucky Orange. With this Shopify app, you can see where people clicked, scrolled and tapped on your site, allowing you to pinpoint the pages that drive conversions and which are being ignored via Heatmaps. 

9. Kno

Surveys are a  great way to ask your customers important questions and gather feedback that can fuel business growth. Know helps you fill in the gaps of your missing data by asking the right questions at the right moment. For example, you could place a feedback survey on the post-purchase page to find out why a customer chose your brand over competitors. You’ll have access to templates for speedy setup, and all data collected by Kno can be exported for offline use, moved into Klaviyo or retrieved by API for use in any platform that allows you to import data.

the post purchase survey platform for ad buyers

10. StoreFeeder

StoreFeeder is a warehouse, order and despatch management software that seamlessly integrates with leading online marketplaces and ecommerce platforms including Shopify. StoreFeeder’s features span all aspects of ecommerce operations, from drop shipping to listing management, streamlining time-consuming processes and automating many tasks that would otherwise have to be completed manually. The ability to manage inventory, orders, listings, shipping and more from one location, plus eliminate the occurrence of human errors such as overselling, can reduce costs and accelerate business growth. While you won’t find StoreFeeder in the Shopify app store, you can find simple instructions on how to integrate StoreFeeder with your online store here.

StoreFeeder features

The right Shopify apps can give you a significant edge. If you’re considering migration to Shopify or need some advice on how to improve your ecommerce strategy, get in touch and we’ll take it from there.