Eco-Conscious & Sustainable Marketing

Attitudes towards eco-conscious lifestyles are changing, with a more sustainable way of living on track to becoming the new norm. From plant-based diets to electric vehicles, we’ve seen a sharp increase in more greener shopping habits, whether it be more searches for e-bikes or peaks in social media discussion around vegan food.

The age of sustainable marketing is here, and businesses should adjust their strategies accordingly if they haven’t already.

What is sustainable marketing?

Sustainable marketing puts the promotion of more socially responsible and ‘greener’ products at the forefront of its strategy and messaging. Sustainability marketing strategies focus on the environmental and ethical impact of the products being advertised, as well as the processes used to manufacture and transport them, whether it be the materials used or the treatment of workers. Brands that adopt sustainable and eco-conscious marketing have environmental issues at the heart of their brand values, and communicate this through their content, website, packaging, etc.

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